Hui Wai-Keung

Caught Naked In Silence Of Hyperspace

caughtnakebedroomtest_skybox 2017-10-24 23-56-58.png
caughtnakebedroomtest_skybox 2018-02-25 01-45-58.png
  • Year : 2017
  • Title : Caught Naked In Silence Of Hyperspace
  • Media : Virtual Reality
  • Statement : 

Audiences look around in the virtual reality environment. The room only looks normal when the audiences keep their head static, since fourth dimensional planes would move dynamically following the movement of audiences. This visual experiment wish to facilitate the expanded vision of space the fourth dimension offered. The space is dynamically distorted but is still Euclidean. There would be many possible Euclidean spaces projected from many possible Euclidean hyperspaces.

Visual Study in Fourth Dimension

This series of visual experiments transcends ordinary three-dimensional graphical models to the fourth dimension mathematically, and projects back to a three-dimensional appearance. There are many possible solutions of projection, at the same time; there are also many possible four-dimensional models which can project the same appearance. Thus, I wonder, our living world is just one of the many possible appearances, projected from many possible hyperspaces.

This idea is inspired by Professor Linda Henderson’s research on fourth dimension geometry in Modern Art. I began to understand the trend of thought, which seriously impacted artists and philosophers hundred years ago. When discourse of subject in multiple Universes is intense nowadays, I would like to imitate and follow the footsteps of those masters such as Duchamp, Metzinger, and Malevich.