Hui Wai-Keung

20121221 Sealed

  • Year : 2014
  • Title : 20121221 Sealed
  • Material : Black Paper



Much had been written and spoken among new-age groups about the Fifth Dimension and humanity's ascension into this new realm of existence. The date was believed to be 21st December 2012. It turned out to be full of frustration after that midnight when nothing had happened. Lots of people expressed their disappointment or even anger in social media. This work wrote those thread posts in simple black paper and folded into cubes. The cubes were sealed, thus, audience could not open it, and never know what was written inside.   


During the exhibition at Front/Side Gallery, the cubes were put behind Hao Lap Yan's cubes, which were made by natural soil, just liked the shadows. This setting brings up the contrast between natural and virtual, realistic and dystopian, hopeful and frustrasted, positive and negative.