Hui Wai-Keung

I Want To Be A Coal Miner

  • Year : 2011
  • Title : I Want To Be A Coal Miner
  • Media : Street Performance And Sending Job Application Emails

Responded to Germany's long history of coal minig industry in Ruhr area, I had done a performance in Dortmund's city center. Parts of the performance were inspired by the body gentures shaped by the working environment, parts were related to the dangerous nature.

Afterward, I sent emails to China's coal mining companies to ask for a job. The cover letter and resume was just copy of a sample letter found on Web. I just picked the first one shown in Google search engine. I had insrted my own paragraph to emphasis my related working experience in Dortmund. I said, "I was trainned to be immortal even in serious accidents. I believed that many workers had been died in your company. I could contribute in the area of safty policy." Unfortunately, no company has replied me up to this moment. In 21st century, thousands of China coal miners are killed per year.