Hui Wai-Keung

Life Is Meaningful #001

  • Year : 2013
  • Title : Life Is Meaningful #001
  • Media : Land Art

During my time of participating in the residency program of Openspace Bae in Busan, I had rehabilitated an abandoned farming structure into a unique space. My space is designed for people who could stay alone there. It is located in a remote mountain. It will spend you half an hour to walk there from the nearest small town. Thus, I wish people could think and get inspired in a quiet environment surrounded by stunning natural atmosphere.


The exact location of the space is (35.266737,129.224436) 809-50 Gijang-daero, Ilgwang-myeon (295-2 Samsung-ri), Gijang, Busan, South Korea.

Life Is Meaningful #002

  • Year : 2013
  • Title : Life Is Meaningful #002
  • Media : Student Project

Children (or teenagers) are invited to sit alone in a quiet room. Each of them is asked to write on a simple notebook. S/he is going to choose to write “Life is meaningful” or “Life is meaningless” in their mother language. These are the sentences s/he only can write. There is no other choice. The participant is then encouraged to write another sentence, but can make a new choice this time. Actually, the artist wishes the participant could write as more as possible, and s/he can make new choice every time. For example, the writing could be:

Life is meaningful, Life is meaningless, Life is meaningless, Life is meaningful, Life is meaningless, Life is meaningful, Life is meaningful


Life is meaningless, Life is meaningless, Life is meaningless

The participant could stop and leave the room once s/he thought that s/he cannot write more. Then, another participant comes in and continuous the writing.